COVID-19 Notification

We take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and are committed to meeting or exceeding all WHO, CDC, and ISS requirements and best practices for minimizing transmission. We strive to make every effort to ensure that our apartments are completely sanitized for each guest who visits. To this end, we are following these procedures:

  1. Complete sanitization of all surfaces using ISS-approved cleaning products
  2. Alcohol-based hand gel and sanitizing cleaning sprays provided in all apartments and in common area
  3. Monthly cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning units

Mask Requirements

Masks are currently required by law for all people in common indoor areas (hallways, elevator, etc) as well as congested outdoor areas where a minimum of 1m distance cannot be maintained. Guests will be required to wear masks and sanitize their hands whenever they are in common areas of the building. You are not required to wear a mask when inside your apartment.

Guests should bring an adequate supply of masks for their stay, or plan to purchase masks at any of the pharmacies or grocery stores in town.

Failure to respect masking and sanitizing requirements is punishable by fine. If you refuse to abide by the common area masking requirements while inside our building you will be asked to vacate the premises without refund. No exceptions.

Cancellations Related to Covid-19

We have always maintained an extremely friendly and flexible cancellation policy. All of our guests must comply with current government requirements (including but not limited to vaccination and testing requirements) and failure to meet those requirements is not considered grounds for a refund. Please email us prior to completing your booking online so that we can provide you with our complete terms & conditions.

We look forward to hosting you in Lucca!